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Druids Lodge

Inside the house

Just what we expected to find once we got inside, I don't think we would know even now, but it was actually very MUCH in need of renovation.
The front door opened into a galley kitchen, only 4 feet wide, and 11 feet long, with very old furnishings. This led into a dining room, which seemed to also have doubled as an extension to the kitchen, as there were cupboards in here also. In here also were the stairs which led up to the first floor. Going through the dining room, we entered the living area, a fairly large room, but it was very gloomy, with little natural light, owing to the one small window being partially blocked off by a plastic panelled door.
There was an electric fire in this room, and some built in bookshelves, also a walk in cupboard, for coats we assumed.
The stair case was of open tread design, and fairly new, we went upstairs to see the bedrooms, three small bedrooms, two of which, had once been one bigger room, but had been partitioned off with a stud wall, giving only borrowed light to the smaller room. The bathroom was also made up with stud walls, and had no window, so needed to have the light switched on to be able to see anything. There was the usual bathroom suite, with an over bath shower fitted. Also there was an airing cupboard built in.
Going back out side to the garden, which had once been well looked after by the look of things, it had many shrubs and hedges, with paths going through it. There were two brick built sheds, and a greenhouse. Also an old outside toilet, which looked as if it had long since seen better days.
There were two stand pipes with water.
There was no rear garden, in fact, no rear to the house that you could see, as it was bounded on three sides by other properties, having once been one large building, but which was now divided into seven separate dwellings, with this place being in the centre.
We looked around and said our thanks and goodbyes to the agent, then went back to our holiday apartment.

We needed to think hard about buying somewhere like this!