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How we found our house
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How we found our house

The search

We came across our house almost by accident, though we were thinking of buying somewhere, if we could find something very cheap, that we could spend our time off in renovating, and with the view to spending holidays there, until our retirement.
We used to have a magazine delivered regularly, called In The Sticks. This magazine advertised old properties, in great need of repair, which were situated in out of
the way places, and which were priced very cheaply.
In one of these we saw a property advertised, which was sited somewhere in Wales, we had a weekend off looming, and so decided to go take a look at it.
We set off on our journey, very excited at the prospect of buying a house there. After travelling for approximately 7 hours,it began to get dark, a storm was brewing , and the area was very barren, with few buildings,sparsely dotted around the steep hill sides.
We thought we ought to look for somewhere to spend the night, as, being so deserted, we thought they may not wish to open their doors to unexpected strangers, at such a
late hour. We seemed to be driving for many miles, before we finally found a place which was advertising bed and breakfast. Fortunately for us, they welcomed us inside,
where we almost collapsed into bed with exhaustion. We slept like logs all night, to be woken in time for a lovely, and most welcome, cooked breakfast. Our hosts were
very congenial, we chatted for a while, getting precise directions to our destination, before we set off again, feeling so much fresher than when we'd arrived.
On arrival at the advertised property, we were astounded, it resembled, in no way, the old brewery it was so quaintly described as. To say it was in need of repair, was in
fact a gross understatement! The place looked as if it was having great difficulties in remaining upright. I have to admit, that on this sight, we too were having the same
problems. So, disappointed after travelling this far, only to find something which was not even worth considering, was so much of a disillusionment, we were shattered.
We spent a mere few minutes there, and decided to go grab some lunch somewhere, then head back for home.
a wasted weekend behind us.

Do we give up on the idea?