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After the find

The decision

Back at our holiday apartment, over many cups of tea, we talked through our thoughts of Druids Lodge. We liked the view, and the neighbours, but it did need a great deal of owrk done, to bring it up to a habitable state. We didn't know what to do. We decided to go back to have another look around on our own. So the following day off we went.
When we got there, the neighbours caught up with us again, and invited us to join them at their barbecue, which we did.
We chatted with them about the place, it's previous owner, now deceased, and about the locale and much besides, we had a nice, enjoyable time, and got to know them quite well.
We took some more photos, and then went back to the apartment, still undecided.
After much more thought, we decided that we would ring the estate agent, as we had promised to do, and tell him that though we quite liked the place, there was no way we could consider buying it at the price asked. This we did, and he asked what we would be prepared to pay, we said that it needed so much work done, that we would have to come way below the asking price, and quoted a figure, which we thought they would never accept. The agent then asked if he could get back to us, after consulting with the vendors, we agreed, and rang off. Thinking that would be the end of it, we talked about viewing other properties in the area the following day.
When the following day dawned, before we had the chance to go out looking, the agent rang, and said that the vendors had agreed to our suggested price. To say we were surprised, would be an understatement, shocked would be more to the point. However, we said we would call into the office to make arrangements for the purchase. Which we did later that day.
Whilst with the agent, he told us that many people had viewed the property, but that the neighbours had put them off, telling them stories of things which happened there etc.
We were surprised by this, as they had been so nice to us.
After our visit with the agent, we decided to go take a few more detailed photos, as we lived a long way off, and couldn't just pop back at a later date, so back to the lodge we went.
Whilst there, who should we meet, but the neighbours yet again. On telling them that we had decided to go ahead and buy the house, we continued with the tale the agent had told us, about others being put off by them, to which they laughed, saying that they had 'picked' us, as they thought we would fit in well with their little community!
We took the photos, said our goodbyes, exchanged telephone numbers, and left.
We then telephoned a mortgage broker, to arrange for him to remortgage our other house, in order to raise the necessary funding, to enable us to purchase Druids Lodge, the wheels were now in motion!

The next steps