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Photos unfinished

On this page I'll show you photos taken during the various stages of the work carried out.

I'm afraid the quality of some photos is not as good as it could be, as I had to lighten them, to enable you to see better

where we found the fireplace hidden

we found the inglenook fireplace behind the wall on the left, the sliding doors we removed to open the room up

showing boarded up window to the left

this view shows the sliding doors and part wall removed, and the back of the old flue, to the centre left is the opened up window

the boarded up window

this picture shows the closed in window on the left, and the fireplace wall

new window in living room

this is the new window in the living room, here is where I sit at my computer

dean excavating the old fireplace

this is Dean excavating the old fireplace

the only part which has been finished

this is the inglenook fireplace we unearthed, note the granite which we uncovered, re-pointed, and painted white inside, but left the outer walls bare, also the cast iron stove we had installed, and the quarry tiled hearth

bookshelves wall

this wall is the far wall of the living room, at right angles to the fireplace wall, with the bookshelves on the wall opposite the fireplace, note the only chair we had there for many months!

this will be the dining room, ignore the furniture

this is what will be the dining room, avoid the odd assortment of furniture, note the walls which are now repointed granite, which has been painted white, and the new door, which lets in so much more light than before

the new front door

this is the new door, see the damaged rendering on the side walls

outside view

from this photo you can see the new windows and door, see the granite blocks beneath the old rendering, hopefully this will all be exposed eventually.

dining room with old window

this shows the old dining room window, which has now been replaced by a door. You can see the bare granite bock walls, after we had removed the chipboard covering it. On the very left, is the start of the angled wall, which when the boarding was removed, revealed the back of an old flue.

the flue back is on the left here

this is the new door from inside, showing the back of the old flue

staircase wall

this obviously is the staircase wall in the dining room, this time covered with laminated hardboard. This wall is opposite the new front door, to the left is the door to the kitchen, to the right is the doorway to the living room.

see the damaged areas of lath and plaster

this is the bedroom wall, showing the damage to the lath and plaster

chipboard covering walls

here you can see the chipboard covering the bedroom walls, and the old window

rotting floorboards

this shows the rotting floorboards in the bedroom


This is the old window in the bedroom, note the acro prop holding up ceiling, you can see the awful tiles above, and the granite blocks exposed, where we had to removed the damaged plaster

end wall in kitchen, opposite door

this is the end of the kitchen opposite the door

the lbedroom window, note the acro propping up the rotten lintel

this is the galley kitchen, such as it is

old kitchen

this is the original front door in the kitchen, note how small the kitchen is. In the picture below you can see how it has been replaced by a window.

this is the new kitchen window

this is the new window, in the place of the old door, this wall had been built up, and has at least been rendered, ready for plastering. You may just be able to see that we have no ceiling in here yet


this is the kitchen as we have to use it at present, the majority of items are currently in the dining room and are used there for now

this is the old doorway

this is the old doorway which we had blocked off with a window, you can just see the new door to the right

see the blown rendering here

the old living room window from the outside


this is one of the old rotting lintels

re-pointed wall

the wall above the kitchen extension, which had blown rendering on, has now had the render removed, and the mortar replaced and sealed


Here you can see the outside wall with part of the render removed.


In this picture you can see Dean and his son starting to take the old render off, ready for the builder to do his work.


Here is a view through into the dining room from the living room, you may just be able to see the new floor tiles.


Just had to show how the new fireplace lends itself well to the Christmas decorations, made for Santa's visit, though squeezing down through the narrow flue must take a lot of his magic!


In this picture you can see the painted undersides of the flooring above, and the black beams which we uncovered and left exposed.