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Our bedroom

We now have enough money saved to enable us to have a new ceiling put into our bedroom, so we booked the builder for a week to have this done.
As we have only two bedrooms, and the spare room was full of our bedroom furniture, we were left with nowhere to sleep ouselves, so we booked a holiday cottage for the week.
We went to the cottage leaving the house key with the builder so that he could get on with the work. We were spending the week, with the friends who did our kitchen, in the cottage with us. We had a call the first day away to say the builder's van had died on him so he couldn't start the work, but expected to get another one so that he could get tools and materials to the house. My brother was gravely ill and I was needed to help support his family so  we cut the holiday short and I went to my brother's house and Dean went on home, to sleep on the living room floor whilst the builder did the work.
Weeks went by and he still hadn't done the work, Dean continued to sleep on the living room floor whilst I stayed at my borther's house.
Sadly my brother passed away during this time, and I stayed on to help support his family.
Eventually the builder finished the work, a month after it should have been done!!!! As soon as he left Dean set to painting the walls and ceiling, finishing it the day I was due back home, so we did finally get to sleep in our own bed. We were so keen to finally get a bedroom back that we just put the old carpet back down and moved the furniture back in, thinking we would put new carpet down when it needed repainting next.

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We bought new chests for the bedroom, which came flat packed, so spent the next few days erecting it all. Then we put up curtain poles and new curtains, it was coming together well now