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Now we are back in residence at the Portsmouth house

We have now seen my daughter, who is a great state of distress, so we decide to stay here in Portsmouth, until she is able to manage alone again.
Dean gets a new post at the local hospital, and I spend most of my time with my daughter.
This situation continues until six months later, when during a few days spent at Druids Lodge, Dean becomes ill, not wishing to be hospitalised so far away from family, we returned to Portsmouth. Dean saw his GP, who immediately hospitalised him, where they carried out numerous tests.
They could not find out the cause of his condition, so they discharged him, to the care of his his GP.
He was away from work for 3 months, then, being medicated, he returned. His job was becoming very stressful, changes in the system, staff shortages etc, and he then had another relapse, so had to take time off again. Even though he was sicknoted by his GP, he was then discharged from his post, as being unfit to carry out his duties as a staff nurse.
This upset Dean greatly, so we decided that if they considered him unfit to work, then maybe he could retire early on health grounds, and thus claim his superannuation.
This, after a great deal of discussion and letter writing, proved unsuccessful, as no-one on the medical team could say that his condition was a permanent one, and superannuation was only paid out if it was. So we were left in limbo on this score.
Dean was by now seeing specialists, to try to get to the underlying cause of his condition, but we seemed to be getting nowhere fast.
My daughter by this time was beginning to stabilise, so we thought that maybe if we were in Druids Lodge, where it was quiet and peaceful, with less stress, then maybe it would also help his condition. This seemed a viable situation, so we decided on that plan of action.
We then began to have problems with the tenant of our upstairs flat, and with no salary coming in, then we began to fall behind with the mortgage repayments, this just seememd to make things worse for Dean, so we decided to put the house on the market, use the funds from the sale, to repay the motgage, and the remainder of the money could be used on the work at Druids Lodge. So we put the house on the market, booked a removal van, and roped in some friends and family members, to help with the move.
When the moving day arrived, Dean was not the only one stressed out, I was going around in circles in my head, worrying about whether or not we would be able to fit all of our possessions into the van, as it turned out, we could not have fitted one more thing into the van, it was crammed from top to bottom.
My daughter and her husband drove down in the van, and we followed in the car. They surprisingly enough, arrived just before we did, and had already begun to move things in, a neighbour came in to help, and very soon we had everything in the house, there were boxes everywhere, it was chaos.
My daughter and her husband then suggested we go out for a meal in comfort, to ease the situation, and help us relax a bit, this in fact really paid off, we felt so much more at ease once we had that short break. Then my daughter and son in law left for the journey back to their home. We sat and surveyed the scene, wondering just where to start.

We now have to find homes for all of the things we'd broought down here.