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living room

After several years we do some more work on the living room, not before time.
We took down the old ceiling boards and found the joists had previously been painted, we rather liked the look of the open beams, so decided to ask the builder if he could work on that idea, which he agreed to. So he set to work cleaning up the beams chipping off the old flaking paint. Then he tidied up the  cables which were then exposed, putting them into trunking. He wired up the light fitting which our friends had given us. He built in a cupboard to house the meters.  He had to put in a false beam as the previous owners had cut into one!!!! He then tiled the window sill, the window is set back into the wall, so the sill we had quarry tiled to match the hearth tiles.
Dean then exposed the previously plastered wall, and remortared it, and cleaned the stones. Then he painted white the undersides of the floorboards from the room above, and repainted the beams in a matt black. The remaining walls, which are stud walls, we painted too. We matt black painted the built in bookcases too
Then we put down chipboard over the cement floor and put carpet down (only old carpet from my father's old flat, but it covered our room well) and that finished what we could afford to do to that room for now.

We still need to buy new flooring and a new suite, but already it looks much better

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