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Change of plan

Moving down here

On reflection, once we were home, we noticed how difficult it was to concentrate on being here, when our minds were miles away, thinking of what we could be doing during this time.
We worked it out, that if we rented the lower part of the house, and moved to Druids Lodge, then Dean could begin working on their nursing bank, to bring in some extra cash to help pay for the structural work needed. So we decided that we would move there, coming back fortnightly, so that Dean could still have his two young boys to stay for weekends in the Portsmouth house. Using the lower part of the house for their accommodation with us.
So we started to put this plan in action, we sorted out enough to make our stay as comfortable as was possible, and taking things which would fit into the car, each time we went down there, the car was loaded to the limit.
Dean signed on at the nurses bank, and we then established ourselves in Druids Lodge.
Now that were were spending longer here, we were able to get the electrician, builder, and plumber to start work.
We found that the granite lintel, above what had originally been an outside door, but which was now the door between the dining room and kitchen, was cracked, this was a serious find, and needed urgent attention. We called in the builder recommended by the electrician, he was very helpful, understood our limited financial position, and came up with an inexpensive viable solution. He would build pillars at each side of the doorway, easily managable as the doorway was very wide and could accommodate this. Then he would put pre-stressed concrete lintels in above this, spanning the doorway, this would support the wall above. Thankfully he would be able to begin work the following week. Which he did, and we got to know him very well. He was very helpful in suggesting other inexpensive alterations, which would prove to be useful.
By this time, we had accepted the electrician's estimate for his work, and now could begin to remove the kitchen ceiling in preparation, he came round to discuss what else he needed us to do, to cut down on labour costs, and we were in the middle of this conversation, when we received a phone call from my son, he was calling on behalf of my younger daughter. Who was at that time in a sate of shock and great distress. Her best friend since childhood, had just been found, after committing suicide. My daughter had been with her only the evening before, so naturally she was in a terrible state. We decided to go straight back there to help support her in this loss. So there we were, with the electrician in our living room, half of the kitchen ceiling down, the rest still to do, and were needed 240 miles away. We called on my other daughter, to go to stay with my younger daughter until we could get there, my son also stayed with her. Then we quickly made the arrangements with the electrician, for him to carry out the work whilst we were away, then I packed our things, and Dean pulled down the remains of the ceiling. I packed some lunch for the journey, and in a couple of hours, we were on our way back.

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