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The rest of week one

The saga continues

We had intended spending a week here at this time, so the following days were spent making as much of an impact on the preparation work, as was humanly possible. We stripped the chipboard from all walls, stripped the old wall paper off, plugged up the holes in the rotting window frames, and generally cleared as we went, making plans all of the time.
The kitchen was an added extension to the house, it had a flat roof, which we found, to our dismay, had a severe leak in it, on checking this out, we found that the roof needed replacing.
We arranged with the electrician, to keep costs down, for us to do as much preparation work as was possible, and part of this work, was to remove the old damaged ceiling in the kitchen. We had enough work on our hands for this week, so scheduled this job for the next time we were to go there.
After stripping the wallpaper, we found that was a lot of patching to be done to the plaster on the walls, so we did that too.
By the end of this week, we had done quite a lot, got to know the neighbours better, and learnt some more about the house and the area.
We were exhausted, and pleased in a way, to be able to go back to our other house. Though we also wanted to continue to get the work done as soon as possible.
We left the house in a much different state, than we found it. With knowledge now of some of the major work needed on it.
We packed our belongings, except for the things we would need during our next stay, and headed for home, pleased that we had made our mark here.

We took photos as we went, hoping to be able to show some before, during, and after stages in it's progress.