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Three into two will go

We decide to remove the stud walls

We have by now decided to alter the bedrooms, by removing the stud walls which were dividing one bedroom, and making two. This we did ourselves. Whilst doing this, it became apparent that a new ceiling would be needed in one of these rooms also. By now our money had run out, and with no income, it was impossible for us to have this done.So it remains at present, still in need of this work. It wasn't an easy job that we could carry out ourselves, as the ceiling was of the old lath and plaster kind. We pulled off the remaing chipboard which was covering the walls, and Dean rendered then plastered it. A job he was unsure of doing as he had never tried this work before, but however, he managed it eventually. We painted the walls, to give it a temporary face lift, and that's how this room has remained to this day.
The other bedroom is finished for now. So this just leaves downstairs to sort out.
The living room ceiling was covered in polystyrene tiles, which we didn't like, but which also needed changing. So Dean removed them. By now, my own condition had worsened, so much so, that I could now do no DIY work myself, which I greatly missed as I loved doing this.
Once the ceiling tiles were removed, it became apparent that we needed a new ceiling in here also, as the previous worker had used a patchwork of fibre board as a ceiling, leaving large gaps. This ceiling was also not an easy thing to replace, as, being an old house, the ceiling joists were of thirty-seven inch centres, too wide to have platerboard put up, without needing plenty of noggins put in, as the plaster board would bow over such a wide span. This also was a task outside of Dean's capabilities, so again, this too has remained undone to date.
We also found during some heavy rains, that the outside rendering had blown, so the side of the house, above the kitchen extension, needed to have the rendering removed, and we decided to have the old mortar replaced intead, thus exposing the lovely granite walls.
The kitchen, well the doorway blocked up, and made into a window, and the window wall having been rendered, there now remain two walls which need rendering and plastering. The flooring needs re-doing, as there now is an uneven floor. We have no ceiling in there, as the ceiling was damaged, and removed for the re-wiring work to be carried out, and no ceiling has been put up yet, as we still have a slight leak in the roof which needs repairing, so to put up a ceiling before that is done would be insensible. Without these things done, we are unable to build in the kitchen units, so we currently have only odd cupboards in there, and the old sink unit which was there when we bought it.
So as you must have gathered by now, we still have a lot of work to be done on the house, even though we have already done a great deal. We are pleased with the work that has already been done, but regret that we are currently in a state of limbo, owing to lack of funds and skills, but we will get there eventually, we hope!

Yet plenty more to come