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Living with disabilities
Poems page 4
being disabled
about myself and my disabilities
some of the help I needed
some of the help I managed to find
my feelings
loss of my controls - my biggest problem
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these poems are about my feelings on being disabled

How to cope with life as is
To enjoy it as others do
Manage pain and discomfort
And to put aside the hurt

Find a reason to believe
Your life has reason too
Find a role in life to play
Amid it's grim disarray

Search your mind, explore the web
Examine other's ways
What would appeal to me you ask
What shall I make my lifelong task

Make a web site, tell your tale
The good things and the bad
Maybe this will help someone
Feel that he is not alone

Moaning, I have done my share
Felt sorry for myself
Why oh why is it like this
No reason, it just is as is

So will it do me good, you say.
To sit and make complaints
Should I find some other way
To help me get through my day

I think the most constructive thing
Would be to look around
At others who have worst to take
And just to give myself a break

Stop beating myself up because
I can't do all those things
I'd like to do, but think of this
You have to make life good, as is.


What can I make of my life I ask
What can I do like this
Change my outlook, see the real me
It has been long hidden you see

I am still here within this shell
I'm not just a physical being
I breathe, I think, I ponder
Is life so bad I wonder

Find a new path, this I must do
Look around for pastures new
Use my brain, to reason how
My life must change, and change right now

Use my new found thought process
To help others gain prowess
In managing their pain and so
Live their lives with much more go

Not sit on the sidelines
Watching life go by
But play a part, as actively
Learn to be, set yourself free

Free from the constriction
From the restriction
The pain can have us feel
Yet our lives are just as real

As able bodied folk we know
Who through life's many changes go
Without a trouble, or a thought
For those of us who just feel caught

Up in the weary path of life
We wander every day withstrife
We all must reconnect and see
Life can be what we want it to be

It may take more effort than we thought
But it is worth the great onslaught
Of struggle, overcoming pain
We've less to lose, much more to gain.


Who do you see when in my chair
I see you just standing there
Gazing on with staring eye
Thinking gosh that could be I

Do you see the me within
Or think that I can do no sin
Wonder if I have my fun
Or do I just sit in the sun

Serving no useful purpose
Thinking I could just be surplus
To requirements, no real use
Should I be a mere recluse

No, not I, for I can too
Do most things I want to do
Just because I'm in a chair
Doesn't mean I do not care

To live a life as full as you
Sometimes it just is harder to
But I will work hard to be me
So next time look and you will see