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Living with disabilities
My poems Page 1
being disabled
about myself and my disabilities
some of the help I needed
some of the help I managed to find
my feelings
loss of my controls - my biggest problem
My poems Page 1
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Whilst spending time on my computer, I pass the time by attempting to write poetry. These are my first attempts, so please accept them as such, they are not great but show some of my thoughts at the time.


Sometimes, just sometimes
I'd love to be in control of my body
To be able to move as other's do
Taking for granted that I can do anything
Without having the pains and aches that limit me
I can only remember being like that
The life and soul of the party I once was called
But those times are long gone now
The days drag on so, how to pass the time.
I now sit, and sit, and sit
What can I do, my mind struggles
My hands won't work either
I can't do crafts, read a book, paint a wall
I can't walk, not far enough for it to be worth it
So, I sit, and sit, and sit

I watch tv, but often get caught
Wishing that I were they
Able to do the most menial of chores
To stand and to walk and to work
But I sit, and sit, and sit

I guess that I should just be grateful
For the sun, and the sea and the sky
For the air that I breathe, the fact that I can,
For the love of the people who love me,
Whilst I sit, and sit, and sit.

I can't say that all days are as bad
Some days it is just harder to take
This I'm afraid seems to be one that is tough,
Though I struggle to stay up on top,
I still sit, and sit, and sit.

My life is still worth living don't mistake me
I love all of the good things around
I have had the chance to travel the world
To love and be loved, and still am
But I sit, and sit, and sit

One of these days things will change
More content with my lot I will be
Accepting that things are just as they are
It's all part of the plan, that at this time in my life
I will sit, and sit, and sit.

Late at night, when all around, are fast asleep, without a sound.
There sits one with busy fingers, Typing away whilst darkness lingers.
Letters to friends, from far and wide,none of them will be denied
a note to ask just how they are, would they be off out in their car.

How would each one spend their day, how soon would they be on their way,
was their health any better, than when they last wrote a letter.

How are their loved ones, daughters, sons,
their pets too get asked about, must be sure no one's left out.

Letters joyful, letters sad, some folk moan about their dad The new house move, and all the work, ask about it all, don't shirk

For these new found friends have helped her through
the bad times when she hadn't much to do
but sit all day in boredom deep, the pain too much for her to sleep.

These friends a lifeline were to her, but now they too could use a spur
to help them through their loss and pain, she had no loss, but a lot of gain

So when you next receive a letter, just know that you have made her better
with words of laughter and of hope, showing her that she can cope

Friends all play a loving part, and live on now within her heart
each one a different person who, is precious to her, and one is you.


Since now that I can not do much
My computer is my lifeline
With just a click, a simple touch
I chat with friends of mine

Some friends old, but many new
I contact through the net
With many friends to come I know
Just haven't met them yet

We keep in contact regularly
Some more often than others
But one thing we all know is that
We are internet lovers

We surf for many hours on end
My trusty maouse and I
Many e-mails too I send
How quick the hours roll by

Until those awful times I find
The dread blue screen of death
My beloved friend has crashed
Oh this is so unkind

I scan it and defrag it
And clear it with such care
Yet still I find this happens
It must be wear and tear

It rarely gets switched off you see
Can't bear to be without it
But now I fear I'll have to be
Big trouble, no, I doubt it

Control, Alt, Delete are favoured keys
When I get into trouble
They reboot back to safety then
I'm back on line, on the double

Until my worst nightmare comes
When reboot doesn't sort it
What, oh what, shall I do now
I wish I'd never bought it

To have my friend die on me now
Alarms me, why, you wonder
To have loved and lost you see
Just tears my world asunder


My wheelchair.

All brand new, and working well,
I'm excited you can tell,
This long awaited day has brought,
My wheelchair.

The day I thought would never come,
Silly, I may be thought by some,
But now I too can venture out
In my wheelchair.

Thankful, yes, but eager too,
To have fresh air, just like you,
To see the shops, the countryside
In my wheelchair.

What luck, a lovely sunny day,
Can we go out, oh say we may,
Even a short while, nowhere far
In my wheelchair.

Oh how lovely this for me,
Our lovely countryside to see,
We must do this as oft we can,
In my wheelchair.

Thanks for pushing me about,
You can't know the joy to just go out,
The two of us together now,
And my wheelchair.

Though these poems refer to my health, I have written some other peoms, which I will put on my next pages, I hope you enjoy them.