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Living with disabilities
Poems page 3
being disabled
about myself and my disabilities
some of the help I needed
some of the help I managed to find
my feelings
loss of my controls - my biggest problem
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These poems cover how I feel about friendship

Life is full of lessons, some folk never learn
We walk along life's highroads choosing our own turn
Choices many all along, may not suit us all
We decide which ones to take, some steps big, some small
Whichever route we take, whatever choice we make
We must remember others have the right to give or take
Ours is not the one to choose, for each must chose his own
By this way we live our lives and by this way we've grown

All must need to listen to others tales of life
Not to judge nor criticise, we may not know their strife
Their lives though different ones from ours,
may trouble them for hours and hours
we should all care for others, feel their pain their grief
who knows when the time will come, when they give us relief
From unexpected places, people help us through
So if we help one another we will help ourselves too

We must teach our children, to love each person who
Comes into our lives, no matter what they do
Though rich or poor, though black or white,
It doesn't make them wrong nor right
Each race and colour, creed and gender
Deserves to be treated just as tender
All life has value, not just our own
If we're to say that strong we have grown

Patience, tolerance, generous and calm,
never to knowingly cause harm,
all these things and more we need
to practise if we are to succeed
We need to sow the seeds around
To find peacefulness abound
Like ripples in the still cool pond
Ever widening spreads beyond

To enrich our lives and better be
Forgiving and forgetting we
Could help each other day by day
Watching others make their way
Along the paths of hard thought choices
Helping with our many voices
To guide then from the hidden dangers
That way we would not all be strangers

Instead we all would friendships make
Sometimes we'd give, sometimes we'd take
Advantage of the knowing ways
That we'd all learn throughout our days
Keeping folk from toil and trouble
Would in turn reward us double
So my friend one thing I ask
Please try to carry out this task

My Gift

Friendship's gift to you I give, all times of day and night
To sweep away life's fears and woes,to help you see the
A listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, someone you know you can rely on
All these things I give and more, you're always welcome at my door
If trouble finds you, and causes pain, I'll be here at your side again
When families or friends desert you, rely on me to see you through
Times when all is black and drear, let me be the one to hear
I'll never tire nor let you down, let me help to smooth the frown

When your life takes a merry turn, and you want someone to learn
The joy you feel and pleasures share, don't forget who will be there
When you want just to be quiet, I'll be the one to let you try it
But if you want to shout and scream, never mind how it may seem

I'll stand beside through thick and thin, and take the blows upon the chin
Because I know you will not mean it, aimed at me for I have seen it
Upset you and make you mad, I will just worry that you're sad
And so these gifts with you I share, my promise that I will be there

My friends have been invaluable to me, if I can only be half as good to them and others, then I will be happy.