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Living with disabilities


being disabled
about myself and my disabilities
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loss of my controls - my biggest problem
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Since putting my website up, I have had several people sign my guest book, and also one person wishing to add a link to my page, this has boosted my self-esteem no end, I thank them all.

Also since putting up my site, I have had a response from the letter I wrote to my MP. She stated that she would be looking into the matter of wheelchair allocation, and the criterea concerned. She also gave me a contact number for Cornwall Mobility Services, who allocate wheelchairs in this area. On contacting them, I was told they may be able to help me, and would be contacting me further, to arrange a visit to discuss this. I will keep you informed of the progress and outcome, as it happens.

February 7th, I have just heard that my new wheelchair will be delivered to me in two days time, eureka, mobile at last!!! The world awaits me. I will let you know how it feels, and what I have been up to in it as I go along.

February 9th, the long awaited day finally arrived, along with my wheelchair! So naturally I had to go off out for a 'spin' a short while afterwards! Just for a short trip, but it was really great to be able to go out, without coming back in agony. So now the world is my oyster so to speak.

March 6th, How typical could it be, no sooner I get my nice set of wheels, then the weather takes a turn for the worse, and we have freezing cold winds, with rain, hail, thunder storms and to cap it all, snow. So, to date, I have hardly ventured out in my new transportation. When I have been out, I've been surprised to notice just how cold one gets from sitting still. I had forgotten how warm a brisk walk can make one. So I have every amount of empathy, for those children in their buggies, who aren't wrapped up warmly. I think I may just sink to wearing ski clothes, when out in my chair, if this weather keeps up. Who cares what I look like, so long as I am snug and comfortable!
So many people have signed my guest books, and/or written to me recently, and I am trying to answer all letters, so if you haven't had a reply from me yet, don't give up hope, I will eventually get around to answering them all, I hope!
I am always pleased to hear from you, so please keep the letters coming.
November 28th
Well a long time has passed since I last updated this page, I lost the link to my site builder, and have only just found it again, oh the perils of a poor memory!!!
Many things have happened since I last wrote, I have attended a pain management course, which was very useful. It taught me new ways of managing my pain, for example, monitoring my tolerance levels, and very gradually building them up. At present my tolerances are - for standing 4 minutes, for sitting in an upright dining chair 5 minutes, for walking 5 minutes, yet I can now lie on my back or side in bed and be mostly pain free, a big change from before. I do get flare ups, if I overdo any of these time limits, and it is very hard to be sure I stick to them, but it does seem to help if I can. I also have an exercise regime, which I have to do frequently, this is to help build my other muscles, which will in turn help to support my spine.
I have also been referred to a Social Worker, who has arranged for me to attend an evening class once a week, to give me an outside interest, and meet a few more people. I really enjoy this. I also have an Occupational Therapist, who has obtained a cantilever table, ( the kind that is used to go over a hospital bed) which I can use over an armchair, so I can now read, and do some craft work, which I missed when I had to stop sitting at a table or desk. So that is a great help. I am also being referred for additional training, at a project which is run by Occupational Therapy, in conjunction with the local college, I am not sure yet which type of training I will take, as I don't have the prospectus to date, but I am optimistic about it, I do love to learn new things.
Trips out in my wheelchair are easier now, though it is hard in some shops, as I suddenly seem to have become invisible, but at least I can get out now, so it is much better, I am not so limited these days.

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